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raditional assessments are “tests” taken with paper and pencil that are usually true/false, matching, or multiple choice. These assessments are easy to grade, but only test isolated application, facts, or memorized data at lower-level thinking skills. Traditional assessment provides little evidence of what a language learner actually can do with the language. In order to evaluate what a language learner can do with the language, a student must be evaluated using various performance tasks and assessments. Performance assessments include authentic assessments, alternative assessments, and integrated performance assessments. Learners must use more complex, higher-order thinking skills. They must reason, problem-solve, or collaborate with others to produce individual responses. Rubrics, provided ahead of time so learners know their expectations, are used to evaluate students on multiple competency levels. TRADITIONAL ASSESSMENT

Multiple Choice is an efficient and effective way to assess a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities is a very flexible assessment format that can be used to measure knowledge, skills, abilities, values, thinking skills, etc. Such a test usually consists of a number of items that pose a question to which students must select an answer from among a number of choices. True-False

Norm-referenced and Criterion referenced test
The Characteristics of Effective Assessment
The assessment should measure what is intended. For example, to assess practical ability, it should look at how the results were obtained in addition to the results themselves. Reliable and consistent

Assessment criteria and marking schemes should be robust so that grades are consistent when more than one assessor marks the work or when one assessor marks the work on different occasions. Transparent

The assessment should be clearly aimed at meeting the learning objectives for the topic. Fair
All students should have the same opportunity to succeed.
Efficient and manageable
Deadlines for course work should be staggered across modules and not just within one module to make assessment manageable for both students and the tutors. The assessment should be streamlined to ease the burden of marking and giving feedback. Effective Feedback

Students should always be given advice on their progress and have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Characteristics of Effective Assessment
The purpose of assessment is to gather reliable information for teachers to make informed judgments about the progress of students against specific task criteria and achievement against common standards. Characteristics of assessment that will effectively gather this information are outlined below: 1. The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student performance Good assessment is based on a vision of the kinds of learning we most value for students and how they might best achieve these. It sets out to measure what matters most. 2. Assessment should be based on an understanding of how students learn Assessment is most effective when it reflects the fact that learning is a complex process that is multi-dimensional, integrated and revealed in student performance over time. 3. Assessment should be an integral component of course design and not something to add afterwards The teaching and learning elements of each program should be designed in full knowledge of the sorts of assessment students will undertake, and vice versa, so that students can demonstrate what they have learned and see the results of their efforts. 4. Good assessment provides useful information to report credibly to parents on student achievement A variety of assessment methods fit for purpose provides teachers with evidence of what students know and can do, and their particular strengths and weaknesses. Teachers then can report to parents on how far their child has progressed during the year, where they are compared to the relevant standards,...
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