Field Study 2

Topics: Problem solving, Psychology, Education, Learning, Knowledge, Educational psychology / Pages: 5 (1117 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2012

FOCUS I: Meaningful Learning Experiences

1st Teacher: Mr. Danilo Palacpac .


1)Methods/ Strategies

a. Inductive/ Deductive
Students are able to defined what is asked by the teacher and they are able to give examples.
To be critical on what they will define and also in giving examples. They are able to think critically.
The teacher gave jokes related to the topic/lesson and so students were able to construct an idea regarding the lesson.

b. Reporting
Students learned how to organize their ideas before presenting it to the class.
Students acquire self-confidence in reporting and she/he explain well his/her report.
The teacher gave additional points in the recitation especially those who were assigned to report in class.

c. Problem
Students were able to think of formulas that they will use in solving the problem.
Students are able to solve the problem in a fast in an accurate manner.
By giving examples related to the problem in relation to our daily lives.

d. Board
Students are able to execute/show proper procedures in solving the problems in the board.
Students were able to show to their classmates what they learned or what they solved on the board.
The teacher gave additional points to the leader of the group who presents their report in the class and he gave praises and encouragement to the students.

2) Instructional Materials

a. Chalk and board
Students learned best when they see the topic/lesson written on the board.
Students will able to analyze well as they read the topic on the board.
The teacher asked a volunteer students to solve on the board so that he will test the ability of the student.

b. Scientific Calculator
To test the students knowledge regarding scientific calculators.
Students are able to use the scientific

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