Field Placement Reflection Paper

Topics: Understanding, Racism, Sociology, Implementation, Academic term, Behavior / Pages: 4 (767 words) / Published: Feb 10th, 2017
During my field placement visit in the Fall semester, I was asked the question “How are you implementing CRT into your placement?” That question was difficult to answer at that instance because I was not sure in what way to implement the critical race theory (CRT) into my field placement. I still find the question and the concept of implementing CRT in my placement to be tough. The difference now is that I have a better understanding of CRT and how it can relate to clients that I work with. I used to have the idea of using CRT only as some type of intervention during sessions, however, now I figure that I can use CRT in my placement by also being aware of what it is and how it involves the population that I serve. My placement is located in the city of Compton, which is a city that is mainly populated by people of color. This means that the population that attends our program is mainly all people of color. One way to imply CRT in this placement is by understanding that all of our members have struggles. All but one of the members in the program is people of color. Implementing CRT as a social work …show more content…
I explained why I chose the path that I am currently in. I was able to educate the members on what drives me. I shared that I wanted to make a positive change in my area. I reminded them that they could also have a positive education even though society sometimes automatically sees us as dropouts just because we are a certain color of because of a certain area that we live in. Similar to the social construction tenet, I was able to inform our members that intelligence is not based on race and that we can too have positive academic careers. Our members attend our program for a second chance at their high school diploma and reminding them that they can too go to college and that they don’t have to be a certain color or live in a certain area to do so is

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