Field of Dreams Critique

Topics: Field of Dreams, Phil Alden Robinson, Shoeless Joe Pages: 2 (852 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, is a heartwarming film about Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, his willingness to take chances, and his cornfield. Ray as well as many of the other characters find faith, redemption, and second chances. Through flawless editing, well-written screenplay, excellent cinematography, and the superb use of setting and costumes, Field of Dreams creates a powerful film that can identify with people of all ages. The seamless editing throughout Field of Dreams helps the viewer to identify faith and redemption as the theme in a subtle way. The opening scene of the film is a montage of the main character, Ray Kinsella, growing up and he narrates it; giving insight into his relationship with his father and the love of baseball they once shared. It also identifies “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Ray’s admiration for him, and Jackson’s unfair barring from the league for the rest of his life. This adds to the theme because it is evident in this montage as well as later within the film that Ray wishes to reconcile and make amends with his father who has already passed. The excellent screenplay helps to identify the symbolism of the baseball field and make the theme of faith and redemption evident. The baseball field symbolizes missed opportunities as well as second chances. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson comes here to play again because he missed his opportunity due to being barred from baseball which also happened to many of his teammates who came later in the film to play with him. Doctor “Moonlight” Graham also came to this baseball field. He had only played one inning and left the game forever. He had a second chance to come and play here with all of the others. The scene where Graham comes to play with all of the players who were barred and they all play together simply for the love of the game shows the missed opportunities for some and second chances for others. The theme is brought to the forefront by the screenplay. During the...
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