Field of Dreams

Topics: Chicago White Sox, Baseball, Shoeless Joe Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: December 8, 2005
Field of Dreams is a movie about second chances. With Ray, building the baseball field in his backyard it is Ray's second chance to have a relationship with his father who, is dead and while alive did not have a good relationship with his son. It is Terrance Mann's second chance to go see a ball game at Fenway Park. Shoeless Joe's and the other Chicago White Sox who were kicked out of the game, it is their second chance to play baseball again. Moonlight Graham's second chance to get a major league at bat.

In the movie, Ray Kinsella hears a voice saying, "if you build it he will come." This gives Ray the idea of cutting down his crops to build a baseball field so that shoeless Joe Jackson will come and play. After months of waiting, Joe shows up and starts playing ball with Ray. After building the field, others in the town perceive Ray as crazy. The next words that Ray hears are "go the distance". While, in a meeting with his wife about books, Ray finds out that it is Terrance Mann's is the one he would have to get. Later that night, he has a dream that he is in Fenway Park with Terrance Mann. His wife has the same dream. He research up on Mann and decides to go take him to a ball game. At the ball game Terrance and ray both, hear the voice say, "ease his pain" and see the words Moonlight Graham on the jumbo screen. Moonlight Graham's pain was he never got to have a major league at bat. Later on in the movie while driving, they pick up a young baseball player in fact it being Moonlight Graham. They bring moonlight back to Iowa with them.

When the get back to Iowa many have joined Shoeless. Archie gets his at bat. All the others are enjoying baseball again. In addition, Ray has a catch with his father to end the movie out.
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