Field Experince Report

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My Field Experience

An assignment
Presented in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the course

INSTRUCTOR: Terrence Browne


Nichola F Mapp

2th September 2012


My Field Experience (Division of Health and Social Services)

Brief Overview of the Agency
Over the past twelve (12) weeks period I had the opportunity of completing 68 hours of Social Work Practicum at the Ministry of Education: Student Support Services more specific the the 6 primary school in the El Soccoro Areat, Trinidad. “The Department of Social Services strives to provide quality assistance to the Tobago community by developing and implementing measures to combat social problems in Tobago through the use of social protection systems and social action”( VISION: An empowered society through sustainable, people-centred development within a caring and enabling society. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide an array of targeted programmes and services aimed at empowering individuals to improve their social, mental, economic wellbeing thereby enabling them to function effectively in their environment. According to the official website,(, The Office of the Assistant Secretary in the Division of Health and Social Services and Gender Affairs, and The Directorate of Social Services are charged with the responsibility to effectively advance and promote the delivery of social policies in Tobago. From this mandate, comes the responsibility to ensure holistic, social, and human development of all Tobagonians through effective social protection mechanisms. At all times an environment of professionalism, courtesy and objectivity is maintained in promoting the interests of the department's beneficiaries. The Social Welfare Unit where I was stationed provides financial assistance to some of the most vulnerable in the society. Some of the main services of the Social Welfare Unit are: accepting applications for Senior Citizen grants (Pension), accepting applications for Public Assistance and Disability Assistance, housing and dietary grants and grants to special child, Purchase of household items and more. My Experience

My field experience at the Social Welfare Unit was better than I could have imagined. At the beginning of the field experience, it was nearly impossible to comprehend all the challenging situations I might face, where you must act based on your knowledge combined with your instincts. The first week, especially the first day, was full of training which included reading information pamphlets, procedure to apply for grants, court cases, and government acts pertaining to social welfare and how the social welfare system is divided. While this was not the most exciting work, it did set the foundation for the work I would do later on at the agency. One thing that I learnt during that first week is that a student can read all the textbooks they want and can gather endless amounts of information about disorders and lifestyles, but until they work in direct contact with people who have dealt with difficult issues, there will be a vital aspect missing from their knowledge. The most enjoyable and best learning experiences I had were the home visits. I saw first-hand how challenging the clients’ lives are and the various issues they have to deal with every day. It was really difficult for me at times to see how hard these people lives are and at times if not all times, I wished I could have waved a magic wand to solve all their problems; making their lives better. There was this one home in particular where I visited with the supervisor. The lady was bedridden and living with her sister. Her life was...

References: The Division of Health and Social Services (2012). The Department of Social Services and
Gender Affairs. Retrieved on 23rd, September, 2012, from
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