Field Epidemiology

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John Snow Questions
1. Hypothesis generation is a preliminary step in conducting an outbreak investigation. It is the process of gathering information about ill persons, about all of their potential exposures, and about the circumstances that gave rise to the outbreak. Did John Snow illustrate the modern-day idea of hypothesis generation? Why or why not?yes. he became aware of what was going on and linked the findings to the broad street pump. 2. In the 1850's, the germ theory of disease did not yet exist. Yet John Snow illustrated one of the modern tenets of infectious disease transmission. He suspected that 'organic matter' had to be present in water that someone ingested in order to cause illness. How was this early form of the germ theory was illustrated? in the 1850’s, miasma was the way scientist thought a pathogen can enter the host. John snow did a series of chemical and microscope examinations on the water from the broad street pump and the findings was able to get the pump disabled. He also noticed that all deaths occurred by the broad street pump which later was proven that there had been a cholera outbreak in that part of town.

3. One key way of gathering information in field epidemiology is conducting interviews. What information did John Snow gather through interviews, that he could not have obtained any other way? john snow went around to families of deceased persons to collect information on where they got their water from and it all connected back to the broad street pump. 4. For most diseases, there is an expected rate of disease in the community. For example, several cases of fever and chills during flu season might be expected at a primary school. This expected level of disease is often called the background rate. When the rate of disease exceeds the background rate, an outbreak may be occurring. Which of the following scenarios from Episode II represents the background rate of cholera, according to John Snow? a) "The other two deaths,...
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