Fiedler Contingency Model

Topics: Management, Fiedler contingency model, Leadership Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Fiedler Contingency Model
The contingency theory allows for predicting the characteristics of the appropriate situations for effectiveness. Three situational components determine the favourableness of situational control: 1. Leader-Member Relations, referring to the degree of mutual trust, respect and confidence between the leader and the subordinates. To build a strong team, there should be a great relationship among the employee, manager and the general manager because it is the foundation of the organization. Without a great relationship, the general manager or the manager cannot qualify to speak into the lives and influence the employees. It is communication that brings life into relationships. When communicating a lot with a particular person, the person will grow closer. From the case, there’s a lack of communication leads to a breakdown in relationship which leads to a loss of leadership. The manager needs to rebuild the relationship with his staffs and also communicate much more effectively than before. That is why if you want to make any organization work, communication is the key. 2. Task Structure, referring to the extent to which group tasks are clear and structured. In this case study we concluded that the employee wants to know exactly they are supposed to do. Therefore, their work environment is usually highly structured. So having clear instructions are very important. There were no clear guideline regarding which work is much more important, the general manager or the manager. Unclear instructions have demoralized the employee. Often it is very important for the general manager to tell their managers and employees exactly what they need from them and when they need it. By setting expectations straight, the manager and employees are able to know if they have achieved their target simply by checking their completed task against the manager’s or general manager’s of expectations for that particular task. 3. Leader Position Power, referring...
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