Fides Et Ratio

Topics: Epistemology, Plato, Knowledge Pages: 1 (206 words) Published: December 4, 2014
01-12: Fides Et Ratio

The quest for truth and the desire to have a clearer sense of human life may actually be attained through philosophical intellection, exploration of thoughts and culture and reflection with the reassertion of the Church. Philosophy serves as one of the avenues in outlining the answers to the questions of life’s meaning by virtue of influence in the discernment of purpose and substance. It is known that there is an innate drive for humans to philosophize and carry a variety of enquiries which concern the elements of knowledge. At present, philosophical knowledge has yielded schools of thought which shaped human reason to desire a deeper understanding of things. This yearning, however, has led to a complexity of thoughts which confounded the general desire for truth but of human knowing instead. Contemporary philosophy evokes the idea of pessimism about the power of reason in which scepticism and agnosticism are wallowed in. Instead of utilizing one’s capacity to seek truth, the limitations of human knowledge have been emphasized. Due to this, “undifferentiated pluralism” ignited the lack of confidence in truth. In order to restore the genuine pursuit for truth, focusing on truth itself and its foundation in relation to faith is remarked.
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