Fidel Castro and Benito Musilini

Topics: Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolution, Cuba Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: March 21, 2006
The Lives of Benito Mussolini and Fidel Castro
The life of the powerful dictator Benito Mussolini began as the son of a local blacksmith and part-time socialist journalist in Italy. He was a very outspoken child and was restless in school. The Mussolini family was very poor and they lived in a small crowded deteriorated apartment building. They didn't have much money because Mussolini's father spent most of his money on his mistresses. (Ridley 1998-1999) Unlike Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro who is a current day powerful dictator was raised as a wealthy child. Castro was born in estate in the elite area of Cuba. Castro was uncontrollable and a fighter. He constantly dared the power of his elders and priests. He struggled for leadership with his classmates. Because of his disruptive behavior, his father sent him away to the Dolores Colegio, a catholic private school. Which would give him rough regulations and increase his G.P.A. Later Castro joined the University of Havana's Faculty of Law. There he earned a law degree went into practice with two partners. As lawyer he committed his time to helping the poor. During his years as a student, he was a political activist. While receiving his degree in 1950, he had his own practice. He also was involved with the reformist Cuban People's Party. In 1952 he planned to run for a parliamentary seat. But unfortunately for Fidel Castro, General Batista overthrew him, and canceled the election. Castro was not very happy with General Batista as having power over Cuba. In result Castro tried to go to court against Batista's regime, but was unsuccessful. Because the court would not do justice Castro put together an ineffective rebel force, Castro was arrested, tried and put in jail until 1955.

When released from jail he went to Mexico to try and organize and new force, one that became known as the 26 of July movement. In 1956 his men began their attack, resulting in a bloody defeat. Castro and his men went...
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