Fiddler on the Roof

Topics: Fiddler on the Roof, Marriage, Family Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: June 21, 2007
Fiddler on the roof is a fictional play about a typical Jewish family living their daily life. Tevy a milkman and Golde are on a mission to find a match for their older daughters. This play takes place in a Russian town called Anatevka year 1904. The town matchmaker Yente has to find the eldest daughters a suitable husband. However all three daughters have their own desires to be with different men. The fiddler on the roof represents Tevye's attempt to pursue with tradition but his passion for his daughters to be happy means to break tradition. The fiddler play's a tune when Tevye's pondering or asking God for answers. Matchmaker Yente finds a suitable husband for Tzeitel on Sabbath she informs Golda the good news that wealthy butcher Lazar Wolfm has had his eye on Tzeitel. Golda tells her daughter the good news. Little does Golda know that Tzeitel has made a promise to Motel to be wed. Motels a poor tailor that loves Tzeitel and tries many times to tell Tevye that. . He thought about his daughters happiness and because lazar is a wealthy man he agreed to his daughters well being and she is to marry him. They then drink the agreement. The next day Model confesses his love for Tzeitel to Tevye. Concerned about breaking tradition for his daughters happiness Tevye asks God for his help. He then agrees to the marriage. The various night Tevye pretends to have a nightmare with Grandma Tzeitel in it and the Butchers wife Fruma Sarah. In the dream Fruma Sarah threaten's Tzeitel she says she will haunt her for the rest of her years. Grandma Tzeitel says that Tzeitel is to Wed the poor tailor Model. Tevyes trick fooled Golda and they both agree that Tzeitel will
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