Fiction or Non-Fiction

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Deja Craft
Period 11

Fiction or Nonfiction? Walt Disney once said, “I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.” Is this true? Can an individual learn better from reading a fictional story more than reading a nonfictional story? Can an individual learn better from reading a nonfictional story more than a fictional story? This is a hot topic for educators heading toward the common core. David Coleman, the principal of the College Board and selected member to focus on the rigor of curricula on which College Board exams are based, has weighed in favor of nonfiction. He believes that nonfiction is more important than fiction when it comes down to comprehending information needed for the ‘real world’. So, at the beginning of 2014 many schools will undergo a change. Forty five states have already agreed to Coleman’s plan that demands high school students to read sixty to seventy percent nonfiction and only thirty to forty percent fiction. Whether fiction or nonfiction, a student should be entitled to the way they get their emotional enjoyment from reading. Fiction is just as important, if not more important, than nonfiction. It can enhance a person’s understanding of the world, give a student an abundance of knowledge that will remain useful, and further the growth of everyday living. Fiction can enhance a person’s understanding of the world in many ways. In the words of Ashley Lauren, a high school English teacher, “I want my students to see literature as a way to broaden minds and the understanding of the world. It can give them a perspective of a problem that they may not have encountered in their young lives. It can open up new worlds and new ways of thinking and understanding.” When reading a story that resembles one’s life and situations, advice can be laced into the words of the story. From this, students can receive the emotional help and use it as a guide for life situations. With

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