Topics: Fiction, Emotion, Irony, Woman, Complex, Psychology / Pages: 1 (378 words) / Published: May 8th, 2014
Nofisat Akanmu
Susan Hirst
ENG 1001
April 27, 2014
Test 1 Fiction
1. In the stories “A&P”, “Araby” and “My Oedipus Complex” the author used child/teenager voices to make the story more relatable to young readers. The use of child/teenager emphasizes their impulsive crave for attention. Children and Teenagers often can’t control their emotions and act o impulse. In all three stories the narrators tried to catch the attention of a female, in “A&P” the narrator “Sammy” needs the attention of the three girls while in “My Oedipus Complex” the Larry needs the attention from his mother and in “Araby” the narrator needs the attention of mangan’s sister.

4. The stories; “Story of an Hour”, “the Yellow Wallpaper” and “There was a Man There was a Woman” are completely different but are brought together by irony. Irony is a way of using words to convey multiple levels of meaning that contrast with or complicate one another. The story “Story of an Hour” displays two ironic situations, One instance was when Mrs. Mallard was descending the stairs. As she was near the bottom; her husband whom she thought that had died in a train wreck, appeared from behind the front door. “Unharmed and unknowing of the accident that happened.” Another instance of irony would be that the doctors think that Mrs. Millard was killed by a over joy feeling she had when her husband died, but we the readers know that she was killed because she was devastated her husband was alive. In the story “Yellow Wallpaper” the character “John” thinks the room with the yellow wallpaper will have a positive effect on his wife but his course of treatment backfires, worsening the depression and he actually drives his wife to insanity. The irony in the story “There was a Man There was a Woman” shows how the person that one is looking for could be right there though there is something standing in the way of them meeting. I think them meeting each other could allow them to say the things that have been troubling

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