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The environment has always been a major problem for the entire world. This is a problem is because of the excessive abuse of mankind to the planet by exploiting, wasting and draining the natural resources this planet has have to offer. Mankind has s have taken for granted what the earth has to offer us and which God gave to this planet to take care of for all the generation to come. As, the whole world can see now that this world is deteriorating, some and believe that this can be solved by just having world forums from different country’s leaders, this could save the planet. However, Christians see this as how God sees the care of the earth as this a mankind’s responsibility to save this planet. In the bible, God created the world in six days and made the man have control over all the land and living creatures on the world. The first man and woman that were created by God were Adam and Eve, and their missions were to preserve, maintain, attend, and defend the Garden of Eden that God provided to them. In this Case, It is a responsibility of all Christian to preserve, maintain, attend, and defend God’s creation. According to Deem (2009), Protecting God’s creation is not just the responsibility if secular organization, but should be the responsibility of Christian as well. The stewardship of God’s creation is the responsibility of all Christian for the sake of the wellbeing of all humans. According to Geneva College (2013), “All Christians must manage the environment not simply for our own benefit but for God’s Glory” (Para, 1). Christian knows and might argue that humans are the most important than the rest of God’s Creation (Geneva College, 2013, para, 2). Geneva College’s (2013) further state,

So we should focus our efforts on meeting the needs of people rather than addressing environmental issues. However, many of our environmental problems negatively impact people. If we fail to care for the environment in which we live, God’s people will suffer as a result. Caring for the non-human parts of the creation and preserving the intricate interactions among them is an important part of seeking justice for God’s people (para, 2). The continuously deterioration of the planet earth affect many lives around the world. This is done by the poor judgment of world leaders to top off all the natural resources in their countries and by doing so this increases human poverty. According to the Evangelical Environmental Network (2011), “We recognize that human poverty is both a cause and a consequence of environmental degradation.” (para, 8). The degradation of God’s creation have been the land degradation, deforestation, species extinction, water degradation, global toxification and lastly the human and cultural degradation (Evangelical Environmental Network, 2013, para, 6). World leaders need to do more to prevent a scarce of natural resources and Christian need to be more involve in the process. Degradation is serious issue that the entire planet earth is facing right now. There are a lot things that world leaders are doing to ease the degradation, but the greed of human is unlimited that they are constantly degrading the forest, water, and land. According to the National religious partnership for the environment (2013), “the earthly result of human sin has been a perverted stewardship, a patchwork of garden and wasteland in which the waste is increasing…Thus, one consequence of our misuse of the earth is an unjust denial of God's created bounty to other human beings, both now and in the future” (National religious partnership for the environment, 2013, para, 1). How the lord can make the human reassess the importance of not degrading the earth and by stop the greedily people from ruining this planet? In reality everything in this planet belongs to God, He was the one that created the water for mankind and his creatures to drink and for the rest of his...
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