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Passage 2
Issue: Which stereo system should you buy: SoundTech, Logisound or Digital Acoustics? Conclusion: You should buy Digital Acoustics
SoundTech and Logisound stereo system is not good
SoundTech which I brought 3 years ago broke within 6 months
Logistic brand is terrible
Digital Acoustics is better than SoundTech and Logisound
Digital Acoustics has really good sound output
The sonic rendering is of exceptionally high quality
My uncle loves Digital Acoustics stereos
Appealing to fear: The readers fall into trap of the fear that the SoundTech system he/she buys will break in such a short time like the author’s Appealing to questionable authority: we wonder whether “my uncle” has expertise on stereo systems or not Either… or…: The author assumes that there are only 3 choices, however, in fact there may be many other choices in stereo system market Begging the question: While we need more information to prove the conclusion “Digital Acoustics has really good sound output”, the reason of the author “the sonic rendering is of exceptionally high quality” is just a paraphrase of the conclusion

Passage 3
Issue: Should we ban alcohol usage among teenagers?
Conclusion: No, we shouldn’t
Nothing bad happened to kids who have been drinking and getting drunk in college for years People who now criticize alcohol usage used to drink alcohol when they were teenagers Restrictions don’t keep teens from getting hold of alcohol anyway Trying to prevent teens from getting alcohol only makes them want it more Fallacies:

Searching for perfect solution: the author assumes that restrictions can’t solve teenagers’ alcohol usage completely, so restrictions are not necessary and should not be applied Ad populum: Large groups of kids have been drinking alcohol for years, and nothing bad happened to them, so alcohol is not dangerous to health Wishful thinking: The author assumes that “preventing teens from getting alcohol only...
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