Fiber Optics is the Future

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Fiber Optics is the Future
Tech Talk Advisory: I saw this video and it got my inner tech geek all excited.

by Rothalack 6 months ago

FDDI stands for Fiber Distributed Data Interface. FDDI uses optical fiber to distribute its data. Standard FDDI will run at 100Mb/s. FDDI is not regularly used because of how expensive it is, but offers many advantages that might make you think otherwise. The first and I think most important is the fact that a fiber optic cable can transmit data over 100 km, as opposed to the 100m from regular Ethernet. This allows many companies to set up long range WANs. Many of the other advantages are things like speed and fault-tolerance.

Why This Matters
That is just a brief overview of what FDDI is, what I really want to talk about is the future of fiber optics. I watched a mind-blowing video that informs you of the many things we have to look forward too for the future of data usage. The video is a promotional video for a company that sells network infrastructure services to large companies. Many of their goals include having companies with energy efficient machines, endless amounts of space through cloud computing (which is yet another way to have disaster recovery with backups), and networks in general that will stand up to the exponential rise in computing needs. Anyway, the video gives you some figures that show you the depth of the data problem we will face without infrastructure changes. The Numbers

The first mind-blowing figure is August, 2011--5 billion connected devices. Most predictions of that number in 2020 are between 50 billion and 1 trillion connected devices. As of now, in my house alone, there are at least 15 connected devices. That is just from mobile devices and computers. In 7 years, I would expect that number to include devices like each one of my lights, the refrigerator, laundry machines, my air conditioning, my cars, and most likely tons...
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