Fiber Optic Safety

Topics: Optical fiber, Laser, Ultraviolet Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Fiber Optic Safe Working Procedures
Most of the standards, created by industry groups to insure product compatibility, they are not “codes” or actual laws that must be followed to be in compliance with local ordinances. The only mandatory standard is the NEC. The NEC specifies fire prevention standards for fiber optic cables. They are however, the standards we must follow. Installation Hazards:

When installing burial or aerial cable, cables containing conductive materials could pose a potential shock hazard. These types of cable shall be tested for hazardous voltage before handling. A temporary grounding and bonding harnesses shall be attached to the cable during installation. All applicable trenching, confined space, aerial, and L-T-V precautions shall be adhered to. When installing fiber optic cable, proper installation procedures must be followed. As a general rule, attach installation devices to Kevlar braiding or guide wires, never directly to fiber strands. View cable manufactures documentation for recommended installation procedures for specialty optical fiber cables. Termination Hazards:

Safety glasses with side shields are required PPE. Tiny shards of glass will be present in your work area when splicing and terminating. Eye contact may cause serious injury. Lasers can be harmful, but injuries from lasers are easily preventable. Always assume that every fiber is active. Nearly all communication systems use infrared light to communicate. An infrared detection card must be used to detect any infrared light. The biggest area of concern is inspecting connectors with a microscope. It is easy to forget to deactivate a fiber before viewing it. Remember, you will not see or feel the danger. Different manufacturers will use different sources depending on the intended use of the fiber. A laser, VCSE, or LED may cause permanent damage to your retina. When working with bare fibers, assume at all times that your fingers are covered with glass fragments. It is...
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