Fiba Exam Paper

Topics: Basketball, Free throw, Technical foul Pages: 1 (2094 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The passing mark for national recognition shall be 43/50 (86%). The provincial association is responsible to determine the conditions under which this exam shall be completed. However, for officials to be considered for an appointment to a national tournament, the exam must be written in a closed-book supervised environment. The exam consists of 50 «YES-NO» questions. Signify your choice by crossing out (x) the appropriate answer. Name : _____________________________________________________________________Current MABO Level: J1 J2 1 2 3 4 5 Address : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City, Province, Postal code : _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Y N With 1:27 left in the 4th period, B4 scores a field goal. A10 requests and is granted a substitution. Coach B then requests a time-out. Shall the request be granted at this time? 2. Y N A try for goal by A4 is in the air when A5 and B5 commit a double foul. The try is successful. The possession arrow favors Team A. Shall play resume with a Team A throw-in according to the alternating possession process? 3. Y N A1 is holding the ball for a last free throw. Teammate A2 enters the lane before A1 has released the ball. The free throw is unsuccessful. Shall the Team B throw-in take place at the free-throw line extended ? 4. Y N Team A is awarded an alternative possession throw-in. Thrower-in A1 violates on the throw in. The official instructs the table official to change the direction of the possession arrow to favor Team B. Team B completes the throw-in. Shall the alternating possession arrow now favor Team A? 5. Y N On a final free throw by A4, after the ball has struck the ring and while it still has a chance to enter the basket, defensive player B4 reaches through the basket...
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