Fhe, Inc

Topics: Project management, Management, Product management Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Case Title:FHE, Inc.Name:
I. Pre-Analysis
Main CharacterTitle
Who:The main character in the case is Lum Donaldson. As a product development engineering manager Lum Donaldson is responsible for technical direction of all new-product development and revisions of existing products. Facts Organizer (optional)

What:Possibilities for procedures, organization and project control systems improvements for the smooth new-product introductions. Where:FHE, Inc., a manufacturer of pumps and related fluid-handling equipment. When:Since growth in sales and profits over the last five years was the result of aggressive new-product introduction, FHE, Inc. needs to resolve the issue as soon as possible to stay on track of company’s continuous financial health improvement. How:Issues arise when company receives a request for a new-product development process. The process requires close work of all departments’ managers together; however, manager’s duties are not specified enough to reduce rough moments in work flow. II. Case Analysis

Immediate Issues*Basic Issues*
1. Unclear allocation of responsibilities.
2. Sequential work process
3. Unpredictable work load for engineering service department.

*Rank Urgency and Importance1. Uncertainties in project schedule. 2. Low levels of manufacturing inputs during product design.

*Rank Urgency and Importance
Data AnalysisApply frameworks and tools
After reviewing a case, it is easy to understand the concerns of Lum Donaldson. The issues arise not from marketing, development or manufacturing, it begins with organization in FHE, Inc. Even though company has a long list of responsibilities for technical program managers and product managers, key duties are vague. The lack of clarity in position description and responsibilities lead to confusion in all stages of new-product introduction. Requirements for technical program managers to communicate with all managers in all other departments are...
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