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Topics: World War II, World War I, United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Dequantes Lamar dropped the summer hip-hop hit "Type of Way" in 2013 under his teenage nickname, Rich Homie Quan. He first considered a career in professional baseball, but in 2008, the Atlanta native dropped the single "Stay Down" featuring the Stack Money Boyz. Things came to a halt when he landed in jail for a year on burglary charges, but upon his release in 2011, Quan began to make up for lost time. Hooking up with the Atlanta crew Loyalty Ova Royalties and becoming quick friends with member CEO Teezy came next, but Teezy's untimely death later in the year put a stop to Quan's planned mixtape debut. He would re-emerge a year later on the T.I.G. label and drop the mixtapes I Go in on Every Song plus Still Goin' In. The year 2013 began with a tour opening for Trinidad James, along with a guest appearance on Gucci Mane's Trap House 3 album. In the summer, he dropped the infectious club track "Type of Way," which cracked Billboard's Hot 100 chart. ~ David Jeffries, Rovilkm-m-m-i -m,0ik0- ,k -9mik0ok0olo,0,o,l0o-,imefenf jrijfnfnsh djr3239020iofnv fijnijnjnnvivjevnkkkkkieie iwene9fn9efneuf9fn9skikicm992oe0lolfokfwoiejrudjsdksdjdc ijngv9ijijfokw362 dfok0ikf9wkfvm 9fk9ikwe9 The causes of World War One are complicated and unlike the causes of World War Two, where the guilty party was plain to all, there is no such clarity. Germany has been blamed because she invaded Belgium in August 1914 when Britain had promised to protect Belgium. However, the street celebrations that accompanied the British and French declaration of war gives historians the impression that the move was popular and politicians tend to go with the popular mood.

Was much done to avoid the start of the war?

By 1914, Europe had divided into two camps.

The Triple Alliance was Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary.
The Triple Entente wasBritain, France and Russia.

The alliance between Germany and Austria was natural. Both spoke the same language - German - and had a...
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