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Mr. DuganMr. Woodman
Tor each assignment, answer all questions in COMPLETE, ORIGINAL SENTENCES; use examples from the book and give page numbers to support your answers, and indent for a new paragraph for each question.

1 .How was South Africa different in 1986 from how it is today? 2 What was the ethnic makeup of Alexandra during the author's youth? J Who were the Msomfl
4.What happened as the police were about to break into the author's home in Chapter 2? 5 How had the author's mother escaped the police?
6 What was the pattern of weekly routines in Alexandra (end of Chapter 4)? ASSIGNMENT 2, CHAPTERS 5-9, PAGES 30-62
l Describe Mathabane's father in one sentence, using three adjectives. 2.Mow did the author feel about tribal rituals?
3. What made the author realize that he loved his father?
4.What happened to Florah and George?
5. What effect did the prolonged absence of Mathabane's father have on Mathabane's mother? 6.Why couldn't the family move in with the author's mother's relations? 7. What was in the brown package Mathabane found in the garbage dump, and what did the people do with the contents?

8.Why didn't, the return of Mathabane's father improve the family's situation? 9. How (Chapter 8) did the author form his first' impressions of white people? lO.What did the author find disturbing about his early encounters with Christianity? ASSIGNMENT 3, CHAPTERS 10-16, PACES 62-96

1 Describe the foods called sonjas, rmnogo, and "the blood from 'Mr. Green.'" 2 What purpose did playing street sports serve for Mathabane? 3.What went on in the men's compound where the author was invited to come in and eat''' 4 What could happen to the author's family if his mother couldn't get a permit? 5. What deal did she make with the Full Gospel Apostles of God? 6. What happened to the author when he made fun of the wrong people? 7What...
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