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Chris Abernathy
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Gran Torino ECR

In the movie Gran Torino, by Clint Eastwood, Eastwood plays a racially bitter and lonely war veteran that doesn't really have a soft side at first for anyone after his wife dead. He treated everyone the same, with a grumpy attitude. He would keep to himself cause he felt it was the best thing of him to recover from his lost. He wouldn't take any hand outs or help from anyone cause he believed he could do it all by himself and didn't need anyone. The movie shows great examples of how he went from a stuck up grumpy old man to a kind hearted caring man in the end.

In the movie when Walt (Clint Eastwood) catches Thao trying to steal his car late at night for the initiation because his crazy cousin and friends were trying to get him to be more of a man and be apart of the gang. After Thao was caught and held up by gun point by Walt, he manages to get away. After that the next day his cousin and friends came back around causing problems and Walt comes out and holds them up by gun point to scare them off. Thao's mom felt that Thao had a debt to Walt now for helping him out, so he had to come work for Walt for a little. Thao would be given tasks that would get him dirty and really have to put a lot of energy into. Walt started to ease up on him towards the end because he saw something different in Thao then all the other bad kids in the neighborhood.

Another example from the movie is when Sue invites Walt over to a family gathering that they were having. He felt apart of the family because of how he was welcomed in and how comfortable he felt after awhile. From everyone greeting him and from all the food and hospitality that was given on his visit. He really started to click with Sue to a point were Sue could tell that they were becoming close. At this point Walt was starting to become more calm and kind hearted.

Walt one day when Thao was in his backyard planting and gardening, they started...
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