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THE BEGINNING The renaissance in modern Indian Literature begins with Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The infiltration of western culture, the study of English literature, the adoption of western scientific techniques, gave a jolt to India's traditional life. It shocked us into a new awareness, a sense of urgency, and the long dormant intellectual and critical impulse was quickened into sudden life and the reawakening Indian spirit went forth to meet the violent challenge of the values of modern science and the civilization of the west. Ram Mohan Roy's interests and inquiries ranged from the rights of women and the freedom of the press to English education, the revenue and judicial systems in India, religious toleration and the plight of the Indian peasantry. He could be named as the first of the Indian masters of English prose. He wrote a brief autobiographical sketch on request. Derozio Kashiprasad Ghose, M.M.Dutt are the other eminent writers of the time. They are called the first Indo-Anglian writers of verse and prose. Derozio's most ambitious work was The Fakir of Jungheera. Kashiprasad Ghose was one of the first Indians to publish a regular volume of English verse. The shair and other poems (1830) is a great contribution to the level of 'Gorboduc' in English literature. Michael Madhusudan Dutt was equally a talented writer. His Meghanad Badha is a great Bengali epic and he wrote in English The captive Ladie. There followed a lot of writers. 'Derozio's men' who aspired to become eminent in the field. Besides writers, political leaders, religious men also wrote in their own way for the enlightenment of the public. Dadabhai Naoroji was a teacher turned political leader and a good orator. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, his disciple Swami Vivekananda were great orators and their speeches carried the essence of truth. Vivekananda essayed English verse too eg : Kali, the mother, The song of the Sanyasin, My play is Done etc. The Dutts - Toru, Aru, Abju were very important people in Indo-Anglian poetry. Toru lost her brother and sister very early. Her father and cousin used to write poems and poetry ran in her veins. She translated French renderings into English ; 'A sheaf gleaned in French Fields'. She died very young, at the age 21, of consumption. Her Sanskrit translations came posthumously - "Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan'. Her translations are marvellous and beyond comparison for a young sick girl. Her mastery in Sanskrit, French, English, Bengali were commendable. Romesh Chunder Dutt her cousin was another talented writer. He wrote three novels - Todar Mull, Sivaji, and Pratap Singh in Bengali, A history of civilization in Ancient India, India in the Victorian Age, The Economic history of British India etc. Other notable figure was Man Mohan Ghoss, brother of Sri. Aurobindo, Love Songs and Elegies, Perseus and Adam, Nollo are his major works. Modern Indian literature begins with - Raja Ram Mohan Roy The first of the Indian masters of English Prose - Ram Mohan Roy First Indo - Anglian writers of verse and prose - Henry Derozio - Kashiprasad Ghose - Michael Madhusudan Dutt Derozio's most ambitious work - The Fakir of Jungheera The first Indo-Anglian poet - Henry Derozio –––– is considered to be the Keats in Indian literature - H. Derozio Sheaf gleaned in French Fields was a famous work of - Toru Dutt Yeats greeted –––– as one of the most lovely works in the world - Man Mohan Ghose's 'Songs of Life and Death'.

Tagore (1861-1941)
Tagore was a poet, composer, novelist, short story writer, playwright philosopher, lecturer, educator and painter. He wrote poetry as a child and he was only fifteen when he published some of his poems. It was as a poet and the author of 'Githanjali' he visited England Tagore in 1912, and met Rothenstein, Yeats and others. In 1913, he was awarded the nobel prize. He is well known as the Founder of Viswa Bharathi University at Shantiniketan. In his own language,...
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