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Mikaella Angela R. Sampang

Book Review

1. The Truth About Forever
2. May 11, 2004
3. Sarah Dessen. (Dessen's Along For The Ride made the New York Times Best Sellers List.)
4. Other Related Works
Along For The Ride
Just Listen
5. “For Jay, as ever, and for my cousins who like me, know by heart the view of the river and the bay, the complex rules of Beckon, and all the ways you Can’t Get to Heaven to name you all would be a book by in itself: you know who you are.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever.

B. Settings
1. Macy Queen lives in a neighborhood called Wildflower Ridge located in a fictional town called Lakeview, and everything in the story happens during summer.

C. Characters
Macy Queen, a 17-year-old high school student and the book’s main dynamic character. Macy starts out as such a rigid, regimented and not being herself. She feels that she needs to be in control because of her mother’s control to deal with her own grief for her husband. Macy started breaking free of acting “fine” or even “perfectly fine” after she begins her part-time job at a catering company finding new motley diverse group of friends which made her realize it’s okay to embrace life without fear. Deborah Queen, Macy’s obsessive mother for luxury developments, and keeping herself busy since her husband died. One of the many flat characters of the story. She’s gotten used to the “perfect” Macy which made her not ready into seeing Macy finding herself especially she’s still having a trouble with her grief in the same way. Caroline Gone, once a rebel in her teenage years. After all that rebellion, Macy’s sister had fallen hard for Wally from Raleigh, ten years her senior and turned out to be surprisingly efficient and lives in with her husband in Atlanta. The only member of the family who shed tears and showed grief during their father’s death. One of the many flat characters as well. Delia, owner of the Wish Catering. She’s pregnant with a child and still continues to work despite her being pregnant. Wes and Bert’s loving aunt who supports them and also belongs in the flat characters. Kristy Palmetto, one of the motley diverse group in the Wish Catering and became Macy’s very good friend. She’s a bright girl who always wears a smile despite the trouble they’re facing in the service. She’s one of the static characters. Monica Palmetto, Kristy’s unlikely sister. She’s a less flamboyant sister, and she doesn’t speak often. Unlike her sister being positive, she’s an accident-prone server for Wish Catering. One of the static characters as well. Wesley ‘Wes’ Baker, also works for the Wish Catering, and is Delia’s nephew. He was once sent to a youth center and his crime was a one off, regretted and learned his lesson discovering his hidden artistic talent while there. His relationship with Macy is really close. They both shared their secrets while playing the “Truth or Dare” and realizing their own feelings for each other without them noticing which made it too perfect. A dynamic character as well.

D. Discussion of the Plot.
1. Linear Plot is used in the story, The Truth About Forever.

E. Conflict.
Man vs Man
Macy Queen is just trying to keep it together. We learn about how her dad's death has changed her for being the “perfectly fine” daughter for her mother, and how she's trying to deal with it. While it’s already summer, when her uptight boyfriend emails her that he wants a break from their relationship, Macy is finally ready into taking a risk—getting a job with Wish Catering. Which sets all the good stuff into motion.

F. Plot Development

G. Element of the Plot
Exposition – Macy Queen is going for nothing less than perfection. She's dating Jason Talbot, the perfect guy, and spends all her time studying, helping her mom at work, or volunteering with Jason. But the reason she's so focused on controlling every aspect of her world is...
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