Feudalism: Social Class and National Government

Topics: Social class, Government, Middle Ages Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 2, 2013

When looking at Feudalism and the current form of government we have today, we can see that feudalistic ideas play a key factor in our government’s guidelines. WE can take the social rankings during the medieval time period and the social rankings of today and show how similar they are. We can also take the highest level of both social rankings and show how they have the same ideas, and standards.

Feudalistic governments had social classes that consisted of nobility, fiefs, serfs and the peasantry. Nobility compares to our national government. These two classes are the highest, most powerful and most responsible class for everyone underneath them. The national government is like nobility in the way that they give rules to the classes below them and can over through what the lower classes say or do. The next class would be fiefs which are comparable to that of the regional and state governments. The regional and state governments are like fiefs because they have power over smaller groups of people but they still must report to the head of society. The next group is the serfs who are comparable to the upper and middle classes. Serfs and upper and middle classes do not have many things in abundance to them as in tons of money to spend but they make enough to live on and have some fun with what is left. The lowest classes during the medieval time were the peasantry. The peasantry is equal to what our society calls the poor. This class relates to those who make less than what is needed to get by in life. These classes are similar in many ways. The national government is in control of the entire country and is responsible for their protection and social programs. The national government breaks responsibility over the different territories or states out so that there are fewer groups of people to deal with. The state and regional governments then take charge over their specific territory and govern it. The national government in some cases will get involved if...
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