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Feudalism and Western Europe

By Tina-Ashley Feb 23, 2014 566 Words


Feudalism started when the Vikings came and sacked villages, in the ninth century. Everybody was very scared and they wanted to help and so they went to ask for help. In the Feudal system, Kings, Emperors and other heads had the whole land and then they gave bits of the land to people. In return the heads wanted them to do work for them such as farming, agriculture and other jobs that kings couldn’t do. There was a pyramid that had consisted of all the groups in Feudalism. The pyramid on the left shows the groups in Feudalism. It starts with the King to the Nobles, to the Knights and then to the Peasants/Serfs. On both the side of the pyramid you will see a arrow and the blue arrow means the Kings give land to the people and the green arrow means that they get work done by them and they also get more power and money.

What factors helped Feudalism to develop in Western Europe during the ninth and the tenth centuries? Describe the major characteristics of the political system of Feudalism.

The factors that helped Feudalism to develop in Western Europe were that during the ninth and tenth centuries the people were in desperate for help because first thing was that they didn’t have a proper government order or anything, and the Vikings from Germany had come and sacked the cities, villages and also the Muslims had attacked the southern coasts of Europe. This helped Feudalism develop because when all the people wanted help Feudalism stabilized the people because then they had a type of government and so they were organized. This developed Feudalism because it was an organized way to run a country and so that’s why it spread around Western Europe and because of that it grew a lot and that’s hot it developed. The major characteristics of the political system of Feudalism was the way how they had grouped people, so it started from the Kings, to the Nobles, to the Knights and then to the Peasants/Serfs. Another one of the major characteristics of Feudalism was they way the King owned all the land and then he gave bits to if to Nobles then from the land the Nobles got they gave a bot of it to the Knights and then from the bit of land the Nobles got they gave a little bit of it to the Serfs/Peasants. Another characteristic of Feudalism was how the King gave bits of land to everybody and then in return he got the people to do work for him, which he couldn’t do such as farming.


To conclude, Feudalism was a type of government where the Kings owned the whole land and then gave bits of it to everybody. Feudalism gave a lot to the people and the people gave a lot to Feudalism, it helped Feudalism develop. It helped all the people in Western Europe when the Vikings and attacked them. Feudalism helped tremendously because it gave everybody in Western Europe a stabilized government. My opinion on Feudalism is that it was a good type of government for that time because it stabilized and helped people in Western Europe tremendously, but Feudalism is not really the kind of government that would work right now because of all the groupings in it.

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