Feudalism and Military Leader Charlemagne

Topics: Feudalism, Middle Ages, Serfdom Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 16, 2014
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a. A lord granted land (a fief) to his vassals. In exchange for the fief, the vassal would provide military service to the lord. The obligations and relations between lord, vassal and fief form the basis of feudalism.

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a. The Manorial System is the political, economic, and social system by which peasants of medieval Europe were made dependent on their land and on their lord derived from the word 'manor.' Feudalism is a hierarchical system in which a lord or king gives a gift or land (known in Latin as a feudum) to a vassal, such as a knight, in exchange for protection. b. In Medieval times farmers used a three-field system to deal with the problem of soil exhaustion. The land was divided into 3 parts. One section was planted in the autumn with winter wheat or rye.

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a. We created religion to worship a higher power which may or may NOT exist. We do this to pacify ourselves and forget our meaninglessness. Now man created religion and wanted it to be a boy's club, so naturally, they made rules, enter the bible. Now we have rules to dictate who is lesser than us, who can be bought, what women have to do.

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a. Increased trade with China and the Middle East would have impacted later medieval society which had been previously so isolated by allowing more travel and trade with people.

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a. It is a medieval code of conduct listing ways a knight and other nobles had to follow. Yet it proved to be inefective because no one really followed this code.


By the fifth century, the Roman army was weak. It could no longer fight off enemies. Finally, the empire’s government broke down. People left the towns and cities. Travel and trade became unsafe. The people of Rome turned to military leaders and the Catholic Church for help. The military leader Charlemagne brought order to much of the Roman Empire. The Pope made Charlemagne emperor. The government grew strong again under...
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