Fetus in the Stomach

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Declamation piece: The Fetus in the Stomach
Last night, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was a tiny dot in the womb of my mother. Formed by love, and blessed by the Lord. I could not see, I could not hear, but I could feel that I was loved. Embrace by the warm tenderness of my mother's flesh.

Here, I breathe on my mother's breath!
Here I fed on my mother's food!

Oh what a place to live! Oh what a place to grow! I was extremely happy in my little world. Believe me, it was happiness beyond compare.

In God's time, I was a tiny dot, no more. I grew, and grew, and grew. Caressed by parental affection. I wanted to say, thank you mother, thank father, for your love, thank you for my life.

One day, I heard splashing sounds, and boyish laughter’s. I can hear! I can hear! My heart was filled with joy! I kicked and kicked in celebration. Then, I stopped. I heard a sweet voice saying, "Mark, Joe, out of the bathroom now! You might catch cold!" I thought, she must be my mother. Yes, indeed, she was my mother. The two boys, Mark and Joe answered, "Yes mama!" I echoed in the silence of my heart, "Mama, I love you, Mark and Joe, I love you! Wait for me, my brothers, we will climb the guava tree in mama's garden together soon."

On another day, my father cam home and told mama, "I have the results! It's a girl!" "I am a girl! I am a girl! I am the only girl! Mark and Joe, you will have a loving sister! Mother, Father, I promise, I will be a good daughter! I will make you happy parents!"

But one evening, deep in the night, I heard my father and mother, talk about hard times, "Rising prices of gasoline! And food! High cost of education!'' My father cried aloud, "How can I support a family of three children?!" I was shocked! Am I an unwanted child? Oh, yes that was what my father had meant!

Oh no, father, please, mother, love me as you love Mark and Joe!

I shouted, I shouted again and again, "Love me, love me please!" I kicked, I kicked again and...
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