Fetal Stroke

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Fetal Stroke causing Developmental learning Disabilities
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Dwayne Wilson

A very starry time if life is when you find out something is wrong but don’t have an answer for the reason why. My daughter, Schae had processing delay troubles from the beginning. After many tests, the last being an MRI we found that She had an In utero stoke in the frontal lobe. As part of my research I found a great deal of information on the effects of a stroke but only a little on the causes, so I will cover both aspects. In utero stoke, also called fetal stroke, is when a blockage of the blood supply to a portion of the brain. Which part/lobe of the brain the stroke occurs will present with different symptoms. According to a 2008 Stoke fact sheet (2) there are two types of strokes: Ischemic stroke, which is most common, is the blockage of the inflow of arterial blood flow. Hemorrhagic stroke is the bursting or breakage of a blood vessel. Ischemic stroke occurs in 1 of 4000 full term babies. (3) Ischemic strokes typically occur at or just before birth but could have occurred as early as 13 weeks. Fetal stroke can lead to developmental learning disabilities that cover a very broad scope of severity and issues. A learning disability is a child that finds it more difficult to learn, understand and to do things compared to other children of the same age. (4) The degree of disability can vary greatly. Some children will never learn to speak and even when they grow up will need help with looking after themselves, but on the other side is a child that has such a mild disability that it is barely recognizable. The cause of the disability can also very significantly. Causes include: genetic factors, infection before birth, and brain injury at birth, brain infections or brain damage after birth. In nearly one-half of the children affected, the cause of the disability remains unknown. The effects of learning disability are apparent to the child, they are aware that they are not like the rest of the class, the real problem is giving them the skills to understand and communicate when they are experiencing a problem. Speech problems can make it even harder for other people to understand them thus causing more frustration. Another sidebar problem is the parent’s, as well as the siblings, frustration with trying to communicate with the disabled child. To treat developmental learning disability, you must have patients, knowledge of tools available, and professional help, school teachers and psychologists.

The types of developmental learning disabilities are mostly discovered in school type setting. This allows an evaluation by the trained professional teacher to include skill set and cognitive weaknesses. The following are types of developmental disabilities. Motor difficulties is a problem with the movement and coordination whether it is with fine motor skills, (drawing, writing, use of scissors) or gross motor skills (running, jumping). This is referred to as an “output” activity. The brain communicates with the necessary limbs to complete the action. A sign of this may include problems with hand-eye coordination, like holding a eating utensils or buttoning pants. Math difficulties vary greatly depending of the child’s other strength and weaknesses. This is affected by language learning or visual disorder or a difficulty with sequencing, memory or organization. A child with this disability may struggle with memorization and organization or numbers, operation signs and number facts and trouble with counting principles (such as counting by groups of numbers 4, 5, 10) or have difficulty telling time. Language and communication disabilities have to do with the ability to understand and speak the spoken language. This is also considered an output activity, because it involves activity from the brain to use the right words and verbally explain something to someone else. Signs of this disability include...
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