Fetal Sex Determination

Topics: Pregnancy, Argumentative Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

Ashton Jackson

English 101

How is it possible to choose the sex of your baby besides adoption? Has our society really dropped their morals so low? Before reading this text, I skimmed through, and seen that there were arguments pending on whether this should occur or not. I am curious as to why people would want to choose the sex of their baby. I see that as ‘cheating God’ in a way. Even if parents have a child of one sex, should they honestly get the choice of choosing the sex of their next child? The author seems to neither agree nor disagree with the argument, just merely stating the argument. The issue has been seen from both sides, yet, I still disagree with the option of choosing the sex of your baby being permitted. Should our society really allow people to choose the sex of their baby? Would it upset the equal balance between men and women? The chance of a miscarriage is very high in this process. How effective is this process? I am appalled that our society would lower its standards so far. This is a decision just like abortion. Why should people be allowed to choose the sex of their baby? They freeze or even dispose of the unused sperm. In my opinion that is just like murder. People will argue that it is not a human until it is fully developed, but if that sperm were allowed to live, what would it be in the end? Could this possibly cause birth defects? I think that, even though I am a Christian, that something’s should be left up to God. Somehow I am beginning to see this process as becoming ‘baby editing’. If you are not lucky enough to have a child at all naturally, then IVF is acceptable with no problem, but if you are just worried about whether your child is a boy or girl, you should not have one. You should be happy that you are given the chance to have a child at all. As long as the baby is healthy and happy, it really shouldn’t matter.  

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So, in conclusion my opinion doesn’t stray far from the fact that we are ‘cheating God’.
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