Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Case Study

Topics: Psychology, Educational psychology, Attention, Mental disorder, Family, Hyperactivity / Pages: 7 (1599 words) / Published: Dec 12th, 2015
Youth living with FASD experience many cognitive and behaviour challenges at home, in the community and at school. The multitude of cognitive, execute functioning (planning, predicting, organizing, prioritizing, sequencing, initiating) and behavioural impairments experienced by individuals with FASD present major obstacles to their ability to learn and succeed academically. Children with FASD show deficits in language comprehension, reading, spelling, and math. According to Wemigwasns 2008, students with FASD experiencing difficulties in areas that require abstract thought. They also experience memory deficits, poor judgement and impulse control. Consequently, many of these youth become socially isolated and have difficulties functioning with day-to-day life situations. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is …show more content…
School is the most recognized place where youth interact socially. Therefore, trying to keep youth with FASD in school will assist in them developing social skills required to associate with their peers. Often youth with FASD do not do well in the normal academic environment of most high schools. According to Paley and O’Connor (2011), “students with FASD have high rates of disrupted school experiences (e.g., dropping out, suspensions, and expulsions)” (p.67). Consequently, they either quit school or they are expelled because of behavioural or attendance issues. It’s important for schools to develop individual plans for FASD youth. Wemigwans (2008), describes two options that are useful to assist students with FASD to achieve success in school. One technique is to have a school specifically for FASD students whereby the teacher can use FASD dedicated techniques. The other option is have a special education assistant in the classroom. Providing intervention techniques that assist youth with FASD to stay in school will give them opportunities to develop positive relationships with other

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