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Festivals and fairs of rajastan
Staged a few days before Holi (March) in the Brij area around Bharatpur, it celebrates the festival of spring with spontaneus expressions of music and dance. DESERT FESTIVAL
Place: Jaisalmer
Time: January-February
Rites & Rituals The otherwise barren land of Jaisalmer comes to life and displays some cherished moments of its illustrious past and affluent culture. Traditional dances backed by high-pitched music create an out-of-this-world environment. The Turban Tying Competition and Mr. Desert contest give a totally distinct touch to the festival.

The famous Gair dancers and the traditional fire dancers leave the crowd enchanted and asking for more. The festival ends with a trip to the sand dunes where you can enjoy the pleasure of a camel ride while viewing dancers and musicians displaying their skills. It will be a time that you will cherish for years to come. CAMEL FARI & FESTIVAL

A salutation to the ship of the desert ! Camel Festival (January)  Held every year on the full moon night, the festival is dedicated to the indispensable ship of the desert, the camel and is a fascinating spectacle of camel performances including; camel races, camel dances and camel rides, along with the joy, colour and vigour unique to Rajasthan, makes this a joyous event that shouldn't be missed.The camel festival is held in Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jaipur. 

» The Camel Festival of Bikaner : The Camel Festival is an event organized in Bikaner by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan, every year in the month of January. The Camel Festival begins with a colourful procession of bedecked camels against the red sandstone backdrop of the Junagarh Fort, the festivity advances to the open sand-spreads of the grounds, followed by the best breed competition, the tug-of-war contest, camel dance and acrobatics, etc. 

» Camel Charisma : The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their trainers. Bridal, bridles, bejewelled necks, jingling anklets and long, lanky camel shadows on dusky sands cast a magical spell. Hundreds of tourists and thousands of locals and dignitaries revel in this man-and-animal affair organised especially for the tourists. 

» The Charm of the Evenings : As evening falls, and the ground is lighted by tiny lamps, strains of music fill the air. Folk artistes play traditional instruments and Gair dancers fill the air with foot tapping rhythm. The celebrations conclude with the awe-inspiring fire dance and the dazzling display of fireworks. 

» The Activities : The activities during the Camel Fair include; camel parades, dancing, shearing and other activities; also folk music and dance at the stadium. 

Then follows the amazing Camel Derby in the open sandspreads of the Polo Grounds, followed by camel races, camel milking, fur cutting and designing shows, the best breed competition, Dhola Maru competition, the tug-of-war contest, camel acrobatics and camel bands. The camel display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their riders. 

Proud owners display their possessions, dressing them up in colourful bridles, neck jewellery, jingling anklets et al. This is definitely the place to be to see the ships of the desert at their best. ELEPHANT FESTIVAL

If you are in Jaipur during March, Elephant Festival is the event to enjoy. It is a wonderful sight to watch the beautifully decorated elephants catwalk in front of a large number of spectators. Elephant festival is a unique kind of festival held in Rajasthan. The festival offers an excellent opportunity to tourists to watch elephants indulging in all types of activities. Discover the festive side of Jaipur with Jaipur Hub. Elephant processions, races, polo and playing Holi on elephants are some of the events that one can enjoy during Elephant festival. The colorful procession marks the start of the Elephant festival in...
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