festival and special event management

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Festivals and special events are a growing business in the world’s current trends. With special events growing and generating more and more money for communities and nations this assignment will take an in depth look how special events and festival have a positive and negative effect on the environment the economy, society and culture. Festivals especially have developed dramatically since the first known weekend long concerts in California in the summer of 67. With new technology and production it has allowed festivals to improve the quality of events and provide more in ways of entertainments to meet guests needs. This in turn also allows festivals and special events to allow more people to attend the event than before. “A special event is a unique moment in time celebrated with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs.” (Goldblatt, J. (2002). Special Events: Twenty-First Century Global Event Management) . It is an occasion or a function that holds a specific outcome. Reasons for running a special event can include raising money, raising awareness, gaining publicity or recognising successes. These goals can be reached by running events including functions, dinners, award nights, fairs, grand openings and general fundraising events. Special events can range in sizes from a small scale private wedding to a large scale state circus. Alan L.Wendroff states that there are seven goals for running a successful special event ; 1- Raise money

2- Update your mission statement to educate your consistuency 3- Motivate board members and major givers
4- Recruit volunteers and future board members
5- Expand the organizations network
6- Market the organization
7- Solicit endorsements
(Wendroff, L. A (2004). Special Events; Proven Strategies For Non-Profit Fundraising). These seven goals guide event managers and fundraisers through the process of achieving there aims through running a special event. Annual special events used for fundraising purposes can have multidimensional goals resulting from designing and implementing a strategy that positively affects the attendees and supporters of the annual event. The end result of the seven goals already stated is to turn attendees into supporters by holding a social gathering under the term special event. “Festival is an event, a social phenomenon, encountered in virtually all human cultures.” (Alessandro Falassi (2012).) There are many types of festivals for example music festivals and food festivals and are held to serve specific needs to its audiences. Festivals are a time for religious, social and geographical groups to celebrate together. They can also be used to teach for example the more recent festivals are used to educate audiences of traditions with in a specific culture or ethnicity.” A festival is a public community event”. (Goldblatt, J. (2002). Special Events: Third edition). These events are signified by a mixture of experiences that discover meaning to the lives of its audiences. These significant events involve, arts and crafts workshops and media that bring entertainment and pleasure to spectators. Such festivals and fairs have seen tremendous growth with smaller towns and cities pursue to attract tourism to gain money. These events can be used to try and improve tourism in towns at times where tourism is low for example a seaside resort in the winter. Festivals can also be focused to weekends to appeal to the typical weekend travellers. Festivals themselves create infinite opportunity to celebrate culture by providing and explaining. The main reason behind holding festivals and special events is to make money. Most festivals and special events are non-for profit however some special events are held purely to make more money. The Disney Land main street electric parade is perhaps one of the most famous special international events in the world and is visited by people all over the world but in fact was only created because Walt Disney needed an Idea to...
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