Topics: Sidmouth Folk Week, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Celebrity Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: May 23, 2013
What are you thinking of doing this summer? Why not try Reading festival? Reading festival I hear you say? From my past mind blowing experience at Reading I noticed that it was more of an annual pilgrim for people to pay homage to their musical idols, plus a chance to reconnect with friends from previous year. Opportunities to try local shop keeper’s wears are available as the festival is located within the beautiful town centre. There are many local arts and crafts, organic fruit and veg and even the local Cider is always freely flowing. Shopping may not be an important aspect to some but it does support the local shops and creates a more personal mood to the festival in turn adding fun, colour and high spirits to the festive mood and occasion. Shopping only adds the necessary glitter to this warmth of togetherness and companionship. Getting together with friends and relations is a much greater source of festive fun and joy because sharing this experience with your close friends and family is what the day is all about. Don’t let hat put you off if you intend of travelling to Reading alone there is such a welcoming atmosphere that you never really feel alone at any time. Chatting and sharing experiences, food drink and even somewhere to sleep is all part of being part of the festival celebrations. Reading festival will give you the chance to spot some celebs on stage and off stars featuring Emma Watson , Kate Moss , Beyonce and Jay Z the Reading Festival is the only place hotter than the red carpet for a celebs like these where stars mingle and you can really get up close and personal. Allocated areas have been set up for a real one to one” back stage like” meeting. You have the chance to meet the attending celebrity of your choice by purchasing your VIP tickets, which are only available online at www.meetandgreetarefestival/celebs.com limited VIP tickets are available so if you are interested you must buy them early. If that seems a little too much for you...
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