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Lim festival

Bac Ninh is a place which owns many cutural beauties in Viet Nam. When visiting Bac Ninh, tourists will be impressed by many traditional festivals in here. Lim festival is regarded as one of the most popular ones. It is famous for beloved Quan Ho folk songs which is really attractive to foreign and domestic tourists.
Lim festival takes place in Noi Due and Lien Bao communes, Lim town, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. It’s held on 12th, 13th, 14th of the first lunar month every year. This is a very large-scaled festival which requires careful preparations. Before 12th all residents in Lim town are in a busy atmosphere. At the center of Lim town, there is a trade fair displaying many products from other craft villages in the district. Along the way to Lim moutain, banners and posters are hung all the streets, many booths are put up to sell food; compose and sell parallel sentences, calligraphy,… Festival-goers are bound to be delighted by them. So many male and female singers have hard-working trainings to sing Quan Ho folk songs for the ceremony of the festival.
Lim festival has two parts: ritual and festival. Each festival cant be held without ritual part. It is officially celebrated on 13th, brings every body a very solemn atmosphere. At 8 a.m, the ceremony begins with a procession made up of hordes of locals wearing old-fashioned ceremonial costumes. The parade by thounsands of people spans several kilometers. At Lim moutain, Quan Ho folk songs are performed on a main stage. Moreover, there are also performances at the temple and pagoda gates and on boats in villages such as: Dinh Ca, Lung Son. Quan Ho folk songs acts as a kind of remembrance of the villagers for gods’ great merits to the village.
Compared with ritual part, festival part is very interesting. During the 3-day festival, tourists can not only enjoy traditional food, but also take part in a wide range of folk games: wrestling, bilnd’s bluff, pot smashing while bilndfolded,

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