Topics: Ferrero SpA, Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero brands Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Case Study

1.Name of Company

2.Ownership / Location, Type of business
-Corporation / Alba, Piedmont, Italy

3.Vision / Mission
-The company’s vision is to be one of the most renowned confectionary makers in the world, to continue to entice people with their product’s uniqueness, and to build an undefined satisfaction for the consumers.

-Their mission is to continuously create an endless set of ideas to retain the company’s uniqueness, ensure that their people meet the company’s requirements by treating them properly and promote their well being.

4.Short History

-The beginning of Ferrero’s success started of during the post World War II when the shortage of cocoa was heavily foreseen due to the destruction of most land crops in their country. The pioneer “Mr. Pietro Ferrero” began creating an alternative for chocolates which gave him an idea to develop a new craving using hazel nut and vegetable oil as its main ingredient. From that point, as a good result of their first recipe which they further improved with the help of Pietro’s son. It became a hit starting from the creation of their product Nutella all the way to the Ferrero Rocher.

5.Key Result Areas

-Post WW2 when they first came up on creating a chocolate substitute followed which was improved when Michele took over the managing position. They created Nutella that gave a big jump in the market. Currently highly markets on the Ferrero Rochers.

6.SWOT Analysis

Financial Small starting capital-
Customer-Few # of population
Internal ProcessStrong leadership set
Learning GrowthHigh originality and creativity

FinancialHigh market value-
CustomerCapitalization of other countries-
Internal ProcessFuther improve employess well being-
Learning GrowthUnlimited to of enhancing of product-

7.Who are the main stakeholders in Ferrero? What are their...
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