Feral Cats

Topics: Cat, Feral cat, Neutering Pages: 4 (1452 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Feral Cats have become a large problem in Oregon, as well as surfacing across the nation. Feral Cats should be Trapped, Neutered, and Released instead of being Trapped and Killed. The Cats should only be euthanized in the case of irreparable diseases. These cats deserve animal liberation in the sense that they feel pain just as we as humans do, and we as humans possess the moral duty to prevent that pain. With a non-egalitarian view of Biocentric Individualism view on things we can determine the solution to the outbreak of feral cats. There were two different videos on Wild, Feral Cats on Oregon Field Guide. One called “Wild Cats” and the other “Cats and Birds”. The first video “Wild Cats” shows a cat colony sanctuary near the coast in Oregon. It is nicknamed a “feline heaven on earth” and over 140 cats live on a huge plot of land where they are fed regularly, and taken care of. Cats are the number one pets in America, but they are also the most abandoned pets, especially in Oregon. Close to tens of thousands of cats are abandoned, or a feral cat. The difference is that a Feral Cat is the offspring of abandoned cats, and has never seen the inside of a home or any care and are classified as wild. Although abandoning an animal is against the law, it happens every day. People move out of houses, or get tired of paying for cat food and throw out these pets, sometimes literally throwing the cat out on the road. One of the huge problems that somehow lead to this slippery slope of feral cats is that the breeding is out of control. People will let their un-spayed or unneutered house cat outside for a while and will ultimately end up with more cats. If cats were spayed and neutered, this problem would not be at large. Animal control has tried to alleviate the problem by trapping and killing these feral cats, but in nature, other cats soon take their place, and begin the breeding process to the point where in one season one cat can turn into ten cats. This...
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