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In the story Fences by August Wilson, there is a character named Troy Maxson. He is the husband of Rose Maxson and father of Lyons, Cory, and Raynell. He once was a loving father and husband, but as the story goes on, he starts to drift from his family and ends up cheating on his wife, and the lady he cheated on her is named Alberta. Troy and Alberta ended up having a kid, but Alberta died while giving birth. So, Troy towards the end easily represented 3 words, Angered, Cheater, and a liar.

On page 77, Troy talks to death because he is angry that he is falling apart from his family. ”Alright...Mr. Death. See now...I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take and build me a fence around this yard. See? During this part of the book, Troy and Rose just finish an argument and troy feels like he is not doing a good job protecting his family. So he says that he is going build the fence to show to his wife that he still wants to protect her and his children.

Towards the middle of the book, Troy has an affair with a women named Alberta. But, when Troy tells Rose she doesn’t really care all that much. She kind of just blows it off. Because she loves him so much she doesn’t want to leave him. But as the story continues Troy gets a call from the hospital, but Rose answers, and tells Troy that he now has a new child, but Alberta died while giving birth. So Troy being himself, he asks Rose if she can help take care of the baby. But she would eventually end up basically taking care of the baby by her self.

In the book, Cory always wanted to be a football player. It was his dream, and that’s all he wanted to do. But when troy was younger, he wanted to play Base Ball, but he couldn’t because of his age. And his dream ended up getting crushed. So, when Troy has something bad happen to himself he wants the same thing to happen to anyone else. So He does all he can to tell Cory that he will never get his dream, and that he wont succeed and become a football player....
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