Fences: Fence and Troy

Topics: Fence, Fences, Picket fence Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Significance of the title, “Fences”, and how it relates to the characters. Many people tend to over look family and relationship problems. May people sit around and watch the struggles, the drama, and the happiness of relationships built and destroyed. Not many people can understand the circumstances or the thoughts of the people involved in the “tragedies’ or the “fantasy”. Troy, Cory, and Rose express the deepest problems or “fences” throughout the most of the scenes. The emotion given off often is heartbreaking as two sons try so desperately to get their father to approve and accept them. In the play it seems Lyons, Troy, and Cory all have their own types of “fences” isolating themselves away from what they wish to achieve. “Fences” usually involves keeping something away; keeping something close; or isolating something off. The significance of a “fence” is thought of as a white picket fence, but in this play the meaning is more literal. Literal meaning more of taking words in their usual most basic manner without metaphor or an allegory. The characters that are “fenced out” in the play are Lyons and Cory. In Act one, Scene Two stated by Cory,” You ain’t never gave me nothing! You ain’t never done nothing but hold me back. Afraid I was gonna be better than you. All ya ever did was try and make me scared of you” (86, Wilson). These characters are held down by their gather and cannot strive to be who they can be; or to have the fence there for peace of mind and guidance. Troy explains his pain caused by his own father saying, “Maybe he ain’t treated us the way I felt he should have… But without that responsibility he could have walked off and left us … made his own way” (51, Wilson). It has been said that one needs to open one’s eyes to see everything. In the play it seems that Bono is the only one who could see what his friend could not. Due to this Bono openly explains his thoughts on why Rose has a need to build the “fence” to Cory and Troy. It seems...
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