Topics: White people, Race, Black people Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Christine Collins Mrs.Hoyle
HSPA Persuasive essay

Teachers have been teaching the play “fences “for years. People feel that the play should not be taught in school because of the vulgar language and contact. The school Board should allow teachers to teach the play fences in a school because its historical value, it allows students to have to have knowledge and it provides an opportunity for discussions about racism during the time of the play and in present day. The historical value of Racism is a way of teaching, without the support, that does multiple things First it finds the racial differences. Like the characters in fences. Second, racism it shows the difference of all races .Finally, it shoes the racist beliefs, behaviors, and language. The racism in fences is very showing to the readers. The father troy says Troy: "The nigger has a watermelon this big....Talking about...'What watermelon, Mr. Rand?'...Trying to hide that great big old watermelon under his coat. Afraid to let the white man see him carry it home." Troy is saying that the black man cannot afford many things cause the white people have all the good jobs, the black man has to hide the watermelon cause he’s scared the white man will see him and get punished for what he has done. This shows that the black people get treaded much worst then the white man. In addition to the historical value the play fences gives the opportunity for students to have discussions about racism during the time of the 1950’s to present day .Students learn more when there is a discussion or a conversation on a topic. So why not let them discus the topic of racism? Racism in the 1950’s was a tariffing time for black people .there was raids, fights and racial slurs. Black people were not allowed by the white people, they were separated. Water fountains bus seats, schools and many more. In the book fences the father Troy Maxson was a Baseball player. "There ought not never have been no time too early." Here...
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