Femme Fatale

Topics: Billy Wilder, Insurance, Double Indemnity Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The Black widows
Film noir is about lies told by the criminal. Film noir is referred to black film. According to Christopher Wehnern, Noir films were lit differently, filmed differently, and told much different kinds of stories than what the French had last seen before the war, the mood and theme of these films were very dark, and narratives were cold, gloomy, and caliginous. Double Indemnity was written by James M. Cain in 1936, Edmund Wilson states, that Double Indemnity gives us an X-ray view of guilt, of duplicity, and of the obsessive, loveless love that devastates everything it touches.

Noir films are characterized in many ways for example, in a film noir there’s a female that plays the role of a Famme Fatale. According to Primary Characteristics and conventions of film noir: Theme and styles, “ The Famme Fatale in film noir are either of two types- dutiful, reliable, trustworthy, and loving women; or Famme Fatale – mysterious, duplicitous, double- crossing, gorgeous, un loving, manipulative, and desperate women”. Phyllis Nirdlinger plays the role of a Famme Fatale in the novel Double Indemnity that manipulates Walter Huff the Insurance agent to commit the perfect murder of Mr. Nirdlinger and making it seem like it was an accident. Well at least they thought they did.

The relationship between Phyllis Nirdlinger and Walter Huff establish the night when Phyllis shows up at Walters front door and starts talking about the insurance policy she wants to get for her husband with out him knowing about it, Phyllis expresses to Walter that she is serious about the murder of her husband. “No, I did mean it. If I hadn’t meant it I wouldn’t have had to come down. But I do want to say that I wouldn’t ever mean it again” ( Cain 15). This passage demonstrates Phyllis manipulative words, stating that she wants Walters to help her get the insurance policy for Mr. Nirdlinger. Phyllis emphasize to Walter Huff the insurance agent that their relationship will...
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