Feminism and Fairy Tales

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Feminism and Fairy Tales
Popular folktales often tend to confound or confuse the modern woman on romantic expectations (Karen). Adolescent’s portrayals by dreaming or even patterns of double enchantment contribute to the efficacy of fairy tales. Anxiety and naivety in adolescent has made young girls for centuries fall prey to the fairy tales. Even in modern society the fairy tales do exist but in more modern and different forms (Karen). Traditional fairy tales were meant to combine morality and romantic fantasies in an attempt to portray cultural morals in relation to human relationships. As a young girl child matures she becomes aware of various conflicting needs for independence and childhood nurturing and as a result suffers severe ambiguity toward the mother (Karen). Domestic fictions on the other hand have a tendency to render fairy tales as stale (Karen). They alter or glamorize a girl’s traditional perception of romance thus culminating to marriage. Traditional tales however glorify inactivity, dependence and self sacrifice as virtues of a woman or girl. Few popular folktales in the perspective of the modern woman illuminate uncertainties in women attitudes toward men and marriage and powerful imaginative attraction as well (Karen). Fairy tales however seem to have lost potency due to the widening gap in social practice and romantic idealization though popular romances continuously imitate fairy tales archetypes (Karen). Classic English tales of romance are focused much on adolescent, dramatizing prototype women predicaments (Karen). Classic English fairy tales such include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, the frog prince and The Tale of the kind and the unkind girls. There are other predicaments like those of a step mother raising a girl child. For example in Cinderella, Cinderella’s stepmother portrays ill humor by employing the girl in the “meanest work of the house” (Karen)....
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