Feminism and Cheerleading

Topics: Cheerleading, Cheering, National Football League Cheerleading Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: April 25, 2013

On an everyday basis I've become more aware of things I usually come across and it all started with this class called introduction to woman's study. A couple weeks ago i went to a basketball game, like i always do, but this time a different thought came into my head that made me think and wonder, why do we have cheerleaders? So many things went through my head as i was sitting in my seat watching this game that i usually don't think about like as if i gained a new sense of awareness. Im watching these players going at it on the court, making shots and pushing themselves, then all of a sudden i get a glimpse of the cheerleaders on the sideline and I'm like wow. There are a bunch of sexy girls cheering on the sidelines having nothing to do with basketball while everyones attention is on this game yet its indirectly on them too and i think, "isn't this that sexiest cultural we've been talking about in class"? Ive always looked at cheerleaders as these sexy girls being really cute supporting there school team but really thats just the image everyone gets in there head and its covering up the truth about these woman. They actually represent a negative example of woman's social role and that just blows my mind. Like whats even more ironic is when i came across that thought i realized my girlfriend is a competitive cheerleader and she has to dress up a certain way and wear a lot of make up so that her body stands out more. Not everyone can be a cheerleader, they look for fit and attractive woman and theres a reason behind it all. Whats really interesting too is that cheerleaders completely contradict themselves because they are gorgeous girls who cheer and cheer but really there actually on the sidelines having no significant role in basketball except just being there and looking sexy. Everyone came to watch this basketball game so that makes me believe these woman don't exactly have a purpose here except to look good and enlighten the audience. Lets...
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