Feminism and Affirmative Action

Topics: Feminism, Feminist theory, Egalitarianism Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: April 26, 2005
Brittany Speight
Senior Seminar

Feminism is the theory that men and women should be equal, politically, economically, and socially. There are many different types of feminism and each have a profound impact on someone's view of society. The first is cultural feminism, which is the theory that there are fundamental personality differences between men and women, and that women's differences are special. This theory supports the idea that there are biological differences between men and women and sexism can be overcome by embracing the "women's way." The second type is individualist or libertarian feminist. This feminism is based upon libertarian philosophies, with the focus on autonomy, rights, liberty, independence, and diversity. Next, there is the radical feminism; this theory began approximately during the 1967 – 1975. This ideology focuses on social change, and "attempts to draw lines between biologically – determined behavior and culturally- determined behavior" in order to free both men and women as much as possible from their previous narrow gender roles. Finally, there is the Liberal Feminism, this theory focuses on the idea that all people are created equal and that education is the primary means to change discrimination. Groups in favor of this theory are the N.A.C. – the National Action Committee on the Status of Woman, an organization representing 500 feminist oriented women's groups, and the N.O.W. – the National Organization of Women. Both of these organizations and Feminism as a whole are and have been influential on the national government.

Many political groups or ideologies attack feminist ideas. Zillah R. Einstein's book, Feminism and Sexual Equality focuses on the importance of feminist theories and its attackers. The primary two political groups that have taken a stand against Feminism are "The New Right" and "Neoconservatives." The New Right feels that the welfare state is undermining the "traditional...
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