Feminisim in superheros

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Feminism in Superheroes: Analysis of Watchmen’s female heroes
“We’ve always been ready for female superheroes. Because women want to be them and men want to do them” quoted by Famke Janssen who appeared as Jean Gray on the X-Men. Janssen’s character was a doctor as well as a super hero who possessed the power of telekinesis. Her character although is respectable the power of male influence on her appearance helped her appeal to the male audience. Female superheroes appearances and roles in comics have been strongly influenced by male writers. From superheroes such as Wonder Woman to the silk spectra in Watchmen all strong women but all in roles to appeal to a male audience. They all appeal to a male audience by the roles of their characters and their choice of clothing. By inspecting the roles and appearances of female superheroes in the Watchmen I will argue that these superheroes are influenced by our patriarchy society.

The first female superhero to appear in comic books was Sheena the queen of the jungle in 1937. Although the most famous female hero appeared in 1941, we all know her as Wonder Woman. These strong female figures were greatly influenced by the time period of heightened patriarchy society when these comic book heroes were created. Wonder Women was created out of the idea of Dominance and submission in men and women as stated in the article Women issues to wonder woman: contributions made by the students of Hugo Munsterberg. In this article it tells how the creator of the Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman, William Marston, impact of feminism and the dominate and submissive roles in men and women to influence his creation. The Amazon universe of women was conceived of as a place of female freedom with the absence of men it was “freedom defined by submission”. Martson believe that masculine power was destructive and had to be held in check by the allure of women. This idea of Martson’s justified the reason for the provocative outfits that...
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