Female Sexuality

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Activism Project|
Female Sexuality|
Leisa Thornton|

The pleasures and rights of a woman’s sexual freedom, and doing it safely was my activism project main objective. I endeavored to educate woman concerning these issue in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. This topic can be simultaneously controversial and exciting. What is female sexuality? Female sexuality encompasses a broad range of topics, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual aspects of sex. This is not a subject that has recently been viewed as a topic of interest. This subject has been under scrutiny for many centuries. To discuss sexuality is taboo in many cultures due to society’s stigmas. Lack of education is the primary source of ignorance because of the subject matter. Society has placed females into a particular gender role and when the role is broken or challenged, she becomes a target for ridicule and rejection. A female self image and self esteem is another area that has been trampled. She must learn how to love herself for who she is not just focus on her physical appearance. Many women suffer from lack of self esteem due to their body image. Society has dictated a particular body shape and size that is necessary to considered beautiful. The media is largely responsible for this mentality. Most ads portray a model which is tall, very thin, and white with flowing hair. This is what society view as beautiful. Any women outside of these parameters are considered to need help with their appearance to achieve this status of beauty. The desire to adhere to these ridiculous standards can lead to medical problem, such as bulimia and anorexia. A certain appearance, or the lack thereof, can also affect a woman’s career. For example, dressing too provocative or in some cases not provocative enough. We are given the message that our value depends on our physical appearance. According to the Barnard/Columbia Women’s Handbook 1992, women are told that they must be sexually attractive to be successful and happy. An ideal weight is presented as a requirement for being sexually attractive. (Barnard, 2005) Women most learn that beauty comes from within. You must first think and feel that you are beautiful, regardless of others opinions. Outward beauty fades with time but inward beauty last a life time. It does not matter the size, shape, or color of a woman she must know her value and love herself above all else. When women began to love themselves then they can love others of their choosing. She has the right to choose the direction of her sexuality, rather it is: heterosexual, lesbian, or bisexual it is her choice. There are many stigmas about sexuality, especially if a person decides not to take the traditional path of heterosexuality. Many women have lost jobs or unable to obtain a job if their nontraditional sexual preferences are made public. They are also harassed, some are physically attack, and others have even been murdered because of their nontraditional sexual choice. Society has come a long way in the last few decades, but they still have a long way to go in accepting a women’s right to choose her sexuality beyond heterosexuality. Women’s sexuality is a subject in history that most people were taught not to talk about. It was brought more into the public arena since the 1960s. Women with multiple partners are labeled as sluts, whores, and indecent to name a few. A Man committing the same act is considered to be just acting like a man or even labeled as a stud. Women have the right to be with whom that want, when they want, and as often as they want. It is their body to pleasure in any way that desire. In the nineteenth century hysteria for women was pandemic. It was cause by chronic sexual frustration as argue by Rachel P. Maines in her book “The Technology of Orgasm”. Masturbation was considered medical...

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