Female roles

Topics: Gender, Verbal abuse, Female Pages: 4 (946 words) Published: April 18, 2015
There have always been noticeably obvious differences among male and female roles in relationships. Women have always been treated more or less as objects of their partners and thought to only be there to support and to create pleasure and happiness. Females seen as the weaker sex have been abused emotionally, verbally and even physically due to the manipulative actions of men. This is a problem because young girls are grown up on fantasy beliefs of a fairy tale ending and thus have created false ideas in their heads. Over the last decade it has been indicated the gender roles in relationships have reformed, women are more likely to have power and not thought of as a “thing” owned by their husbands or to be less superior. In Ovid’s tale of Pygmalion and Galatea and Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, both writers expose relationships between man and women and the influence of male dominance and the idea of superiority of masculinity. Galatea seen as the girl who cannot get away and Eliza as the strong female, Shaw believes every women should be. Although there has been a change in the relative equality and power held between males and females in relationships, girls are still seen as weaker and still encounter male dominance in everyday affairs whether it may be verbal, emotional or physical abuse. In Ovid’s tale, Pygmalion created Galatea to please his needs and desires, he did not care about what she wanted or how she felt. During that time, Pygmalion loathed women who were prostitutes and the idea that it was in the nature of females to become one. However it is thought today that most women are strong enough to stand up for themselves but in this case Galatea had no choice. This illustrates how women are perceived in societies : “In fairytales, the story produces the girls as victims in need of a prince to rescue them. The classical romantic narrative, then, is problematic because its texts of meaning conform to a social order of male dominance and female...
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