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I have chosen to do my final project writing assignment on female offenders. Today, females are the fastest growing offenders of the prison population. Some of the attributing factors to this increase in female prison population is an increase in violent behavior by females, increased substance abuse and an increased awareness by law enforcement toward female offenders. Female offenders may have many differences from male offenders in their risks and needs while in the system however they share similar demographic characteristics as incarcerated males. Female and male offenders are both primarily from a lower social and economic status, they lack in education, have poor employment history and are comprised of mostly minorities. Some more important characteristics of female offenders are they were most likely involved in a previous relationship with their victims and or committed crimes with or at the demand of males.

Females face many challenges in prison, deprivation of liberty, lack of autonomy, concerns for personal security and loss of heterosexual relationships. These are just the basic stressors that female inmates feel, but it has been discovered that there is an even added set of stressors that female inmates go through. Incarcerated women feel that there are no outlets to express their emotions, which they were so use to expressing regularly on the outside. Women feel a greater sense of identity loss then other prison populations because they sate that they cannot deal with the treatment of being stripped searched, their mail being read, and family visits being supervised as easy as other prison populations because they feel they are raised with a sense of duty to keep such things as their bodies, love life, and family concealed from others. These challenges, along with the fear of their mental and physical health falling apart, add to the decreasing ability to think positively about themselves.

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2. All other information in this paper was from book 1 and book 2.
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