female infanticide in india

Topics: One-child policy, Gender, Abortion Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: September 29, 2014
India is failing to prevent large-scale female infanticide and foeticide, according to a UN report. As a result, says the UN's World Population Fund, India has one of the highest imbalances in the world between males and females. The Fund says that the low status of women in Indian society is mainly to blame, and criticises India for its lack of commitment to tackling gender inequality. Other Asian countries, particularly China, have similar problems. Poverty, ignorance and culture combine to conspire against girls. How can this problem be tackled? What should countries like India and China be doing? Can the world do any more than criticise from the sidelines? What is the price of doing nothing? Female Infanticide is killing of a newborn girl child or of a matured foetus. The practice of female infanticide is on a rise in most of the developing countries especially in China and India. The inhuman practice of female infanticide originates in the discripant attitude of the society where the women are considered an inferior gender and men are seen as the one to carry forward family name and the sole bread winner in the family. Moreover, due to the practice of marriage dowery, girls are considerd as burden by their families. All these factors lead to a culture based on gender inequality. Hundreds of innocent lives are brutally taken away every minute aroud the world. Some unborn, some who have just entered the world yet to discover the beauty of it. In India, women are put under intense pressure to give birth to sons. Inspite of laws preventing sex determination tests and abortion based on the gender of the child, this practice is becoming popular even in the urban areas of India. As per a study, around 1.1 million girls are aborted in India every year. Whereas in China, due to 'One Child Policy' the rate of abortion of female foetus is on a rise at an alarming rate. I, therefore pledge all of you to take a step forward and start a movement against Female...
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