Female Boxing's Lack of Equality in Olympics

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Equality has a Ring to It
The pinnacle of any amateur athlete's success is measured in the Olympic Stadium. Upon the conclusion of the 2004 Athens Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board met to review its program and make changes for the upcoming Summer Games. The committee discussed changes for events within the 28 existing sports, as well as options to add new disciplines. The board rejected the International Amateur Boxing Association's (AIBA's) proposal to add a women's boxing program to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. IOC sports director, Kelly Fairweather said the decision was taken on a "purely technical basis." The IOC did not feel it has reached the stage where it merits inclusion (dailytimes.com)

Women's boxing was denied in the 2008 Olympic Games, to be held in Beijing because there aren't enough countries with an established national women's boxing program. The increase in women participants was not significant enough to merit inclusion into the 2008 Beijing games. The talent and skill level haven't increased with the progression of time since the first women's world championships took place which was in 2001. For women's boxing to be added, some of the men's games would have to be removed from the Olympics to make room for the women (USABoxing.org) While boxing has been contested since the Ancient Games in Athens, Greece, it is the only event in the modern Games without a female counterpart. Women were banned from Olympic events such as the triathlon until 1987 because some medical experts believed women might injure their organs by participating in such competitions. Scientific studies have shown otherwise and female athletes have gone on to shatter men's records just to prove it one step further. Women like Babe, Billie and Lucia; one by one breaking down walls and opening doors for the next generation of female athletes. The Olympic movement would provide a heroine for women in the boxing ring and also...
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